How to setup a Netgear Router N300

Netgear routers have often been awarded for their excellence in the durability and the security that the Netgear engineers put in. This is not just a matter of market value, but it also about market standard that this company has created. Netgear Router N300 was recently released to the public. This certain Explore More

How to Setup Linksys Router without CD?

Setup CD is extremely useful in order to set up your Linksys switch yet regardless you have not got the CD of your Linksys switch, you can in any case easily perform installation and configuration of your router. Here, we provide you guide to configure your router without utilizing CD here is Explore More

How to update Netgear Router Firmware

Netgear firmware Update In this new era of technological warfare, attackers have taken up the front seats. The constant spread of computer viruses has made security a luxury. This is why updating the routers is extremely important since it is our gateway to the global network called internet. Failing to update one’s Explore More