Amped Wireless Range Extender Setup

With the increasing popularity of Wi-Fi networks, users are faced with problems related to limiting the range of the access point or router. In the room, a standard router provides a range of not more than 45 meters. The range and quality of communication are largely dependent on obstacles to the signal and the material from which the walls are made. For example, reinforced concrete structures reduce the signal level by 20-25 decibels. This means that the signal will not pass through the two reinforced concrete walls. An obvious solution is to increase the power of the router. In this case, the problem is solved, but only partially, since it is impossible to increase the radio transmitter power without limit. Therefore, the optimal option is the use of several signal reception points, the so-called Wi-Fi range extender.

In English, this word sounds like “Repeater”, which means “repeater”. The repeater works as follows. After applying voltage and then adjusting, the Wi-Fi repeater connects to the base access point and transmits (amplifies) the signal. Network parameters, such as the network name and other settings remain unchanged.

What else to consider when choosing?

  • To increase the efficiency of the repeater, it is worth paying attention to the technical characteristics of the Wi-Fi amplifier. The optimal operating frequency range is 5000 and 2400 megahertz. Their peculiarity lies in the possibility of implementing different connection schemes. At a frequency of 5000 MHz, you can count on the best quality of information reception and transmission.
  • The disadvantage is a smaller coverage area when compared to a device having a frequency of 2400 MHz. That’s why the scheme is often used when the repeater joins the router and operates at a lower frequency (2400 MHz). As for retransmissions, it is conducted at 5000 MHz.
  • When implementing such a scheme, you can solve two problems – increase the range of the Wi-Fi network, keep the information transfer rate at the same level and reduce interference from other devices in the coverage area. If in the office or apartment is already installed equipment with a frequency of 2400 MHz, buying a 2-band Wi-Fi repeater is meaningless.
Amped wireless range extender setup
Amped wireless range extender setup


The basic options for setting up a Amped wireless range extender are two:

  • using the WPS button;
  • The web interface.

The first way of setting up is not always available and depends on the model. With the support of WPS, you should act as follows:

  • Turn on the repeater, wait a certain time before downloading it and press the WPS button on the amplifier and Wi-Fi router. In this case, the repeater automatically detects the network and goes into the operating mode.
  • If there is no WPS or if there are problems with automatic connection, you can go to the second option – configuration via the web interface. The repeater has a special Ethernet connector, and in the kit you can find a patch cord that allows you to connect to a laptop or PC.

Configure the Amped wireless range extender in the absence of WPS

  • To do this, the repeater connects to the computer. In the address bar of the browser, the IP address of the device is entered, which, as a rule, is indicated on its case, after which the user enters the settings menu.
  • The essence of the further settings of the repeater is to specify the MAC address (BSSID) of the main access point, as well as its security parameters. Because the procedure for different models may differ, it is better to use the instruction for a particular device. Once the repeater configuration is completed, the device reboots and operates normally.
  • Before installing the Amped wireless range extender, it is advisable to check the range of the amplifier in the room. The easiest and most affordable way is to use a Smartphone with installed software (Wi-Fi Analyzer). The program allows you to check the strength of the signal at each desired point and determine the place for the repeater connection with high accuracy. The latter is established in the region of the most stable reception.
amped wireless router
amped wireless router
  • If you have antennas on the Amped wireless range extender, it’s important to choose their position correctly, taking into account the subtlety of the signal distribution in the room. If the router and the repeater are on the same floor, the vertical orientation is optimal. When installed on different floors – in the horizontal plane.

The number of amplifiers necessary to create a stable signal is determined individually. As a rule, one repeater is enough for a house or apartment.

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