How to change Linksys smart wifi and smart wi-fi router password?

Normally as every account, Linksys smart wifi is also acquainted with the password. The user uses a default password while connecting the first time with the Linksys smart wifi and then after according to his choice he can set up the Linksys smart wifi password. Linksys smart wifi in your phone is merged the registered mail address and IP address of your phone. If anyone will try to access your router with any other device, then the user will get notified in the registered email address of the main device.

The password is created to avoid unauthorized access in your device which also keeps any misuse away

smart wifi and smart wi-fi router password

Steps to change Linksys smart wifi password

1. Locate the bar icon of the Linksys smart wifi in your mobile device.
2. Double tap it and the dialogue box prompting the user to type down the password will appear on the screen.
3. Click on connectivity tab.
4. Now, under the basic tab, click on the Edit tab beside the router password.
5. Edit page of the router password will appear on the window.
6. Current password, New password, and confirm password tab will appear on the screen.
7. The user has to type the present password in the first field, the new password which he wants to apply in the second field and retype the new password in the confirm password field.
8. Note: You can also use a combination of characters and even special characters while building up the router password in your Linksys smart wifi.
9. Note: You can also view the password while typing the new password by taping on the eye icon residing on the window.
10. Click on Apply button to make the changes.
11. Click on Yes button appearing on the pop-up box assuring the confirmation of changing the router password.

Smart Wi-Fi router password

The router password is basically the password of the web interface of which is constituted for the secure access of the web setup page. It is applied on the Linksys router login page of the Login credentials. If the user is connecting to the interface for the first time, then he has to type the default password. After successfully interacting with the web interface of the router, the user can change the smart wifi router password.

Linksys also gives the user an option of changing the router password at the last step of the Linksys router setup. The user can also skip the router password step if he doesn’t want to remove the default password of the

Steps to change the smart wifi password of the router

1. Connect with as the URL of the browser
2. You will be redirected to the Linksys router login page.
3. Type down the login credentials within their respective fields. Type “admin” as the username in the username field and “admin” as the password in the password field.
4. Locate the administrative tab on the right-hand corner of the window.
5. Select the Management tab and there you will find the access to change your Router password.
6. Enter your desired password in the new password field and retype it in the confirm password field.

How to reset my Linksys WRT1900ACS smart WiFi Router username and password?

Unfortunately, the username of the Linksys router login page cannot be recreated as the user has the only option to type “admin” as the username in the login window. Every time the user visits the window of the Linksys router login page, he has to type the default username of the router. The password of the router can be changed, it basically depends upon the user that he wants to change the password or not. After the Linksys router setup, the user can substantially change the password credential to enhance the security of the web interface of the

While performing the Linksys router setup, the user has to type “admin” as the default password but after that, the user is allowed to reset the password of Linksys WRT 1900 AC router. Steps to reset the password of the Linksys WRT 1900 AC 

• Open up the browser on your desktop or laptop connected to the Wifi network
• Type or as the URL of the browser.
• Linksys router login page appears on the screen.
• Enter “admin” as the username and if you haven’t set the password yet then type “admin” as the default password.
• Locate Administration tab on the right top corner of the screen. Click on the administration tab.
• Select the Management tab.
• Click on the password tab and fill the old password once and new password twice.
• Click on Apply button to save the changes you have made.

Here are the reasons which make it somehow necessary for the users to change the password of Linksys router

• To prevent the unauthorized access of the anonymous user into the web interface of the
• To keep your children away from enabling or disabling Parental control, guest access or any other feature within the router. It will avoid them from accessing any illegal or adult website within the router.
• To avoid bugs or miscellaneous threats from damaging the interface of the device.
• To preserve your Network settings or administrative mechanisms from others to maintain the performance of the device.

How to perform a setup?

Routers of Netgear are significantly programmed to get easy access from It is all because of the convenience of that the users of Netgear are able to control their router remotely from any device. The users can track all the details and information regarding the status of the router. also relieved those users who were facing the huge problem of login to the router with the IP address of the router. IP address constitutes of numerical digits and some dots which most users find it pretty hard to remember. also acted as the perfect solution to the login problem and allowed the various users to conveniently interact with their router from any device.

The user should be acquainted with sufficient knowledge to perform the manual setup of If in any case, the user doesn’t have that knowledge he can also take the help of Setup Guide which was sent along with the gears of Netgear Routers. The Setup Guide is fully acquainted with all the steps of the Netgear router setup. The guide book of Netgear also has all troubleshooting steps of the common issues of the setup

Steps to perform setup

• Plug in one side of the Ethernet Cable with the modem and second side of the cable with the router.
• Plug in one side of the Ethernet Cable with the system and second side of the cable with the router.
• Connect the power of the modem to the power outlet and wait for all LED’s to become stable.
• Now connect the power adapter of the router to the power outlet.
• Open up the browser or as the address bar of the browser.
• The user will be redirected to the Netgear router login page in which he will be prompted to keep “admin” as the default username and “password” as the default password. Both the credentials are case-sensitive.
• Click on the Login button and the dashboard of the interface will appear on the screen.
• Click on Advanced tab and then Setup Wizard tab.
• Select yes option and click on Next button.
• The window will take you to further instructions, accept them and once the setup finishes the internet configuration, congratulation page is going to display.
• Click “Take me to the Internet” tab to test the internet connection.

Steps to do setup through the Netgear Up app

Netgear Up app is available in both the Android as well as IOS devices. The application is also utilized to update the router firmware and also allowing the users to personalize the settings of the Wi-Fi network

• Visit the app store of your Android device and type Netgear Up on the search tab to download it.
• Tap on the settings tab, visit Wi-Fi and tap on the router’s network name.
• Type the Wi-Fi password over the security field.
• Now, launch the Netgear Up on your Mobile.
• Follow the instruction on the display of the application to install the router and get successfully connect to your network.