How to change password –

Password of the routers is meant to keep the anonymous users away from accessing the web management interface of the router. The moment, the user hits enter after typing on the address bar of the browser, Netgear router login page appears on the window. The router password is applied on the Netgear router login page in the password field which allows the user to access the web interface of . It is the prominent phrase which keeps the security in all the features and tools of the Netgear Router.

Passwords relatively are of two types

1. Router password – It is the significant password which is applied on the password field of the Netgear router login page. The is also assigned with the default password as “password” which an individual can apply while performing the Netgear Router setup. If in any case, the user wants to change the admin password then also he has to interact with the Netgear router login page to get to the interface of Netgear router installation.
2. Wi-Fi password– This one is the password which usually the user assigns within the Wireless settings of the Wi-Fi password field. The password is basically applied to keep the other users away from accessing the network. The password should be powerful enough to avoid anonymous users from accessing your network.

How to change password?

Steps to change the / admin password

1. Open up the browser in your device in which the internet is connected.
2. Enter or as the web link of the browser.
3. Netgear router login window will prompt you to enter the username as well as the password in their respective fields. Type “admin” as the default username and type “password” as the default password.
4. Basic Home page of interface will display.
5. Select advanced tab, administration tab and at last Set password tab.
6. Set password page will display on your window.
7. Type your present password on the old password field and the password which now you want to keep in the new password field. Retype your new password in the confirm password field.
8. Click on Apply button to save the change you have made.

Steps to change Wi-Fi password of your

1. Navigate on the address bar of the browser to get to the Netgear router login page of the browser.
2. The system will prompt to type in the login credentials. Enter “admin” as the default username and “password” as the default password.
3. Click on the Login button and the basic home page will get displayed.
4. Select the Wireless tab. The wireless settings page will get displayed in your window.
5. Enter a unique Network name in the SSID field.
6. Type the Wi-Fi password as a security in the password field.
7. Note: It is strongly recommended to constitute the password with all types of characters to make your passphrase stagnant enough.
8. Now, click on the Apply button to save all the change you have made.