How to setup a Netgear Router N300

Netgear routers have often been awarded for their excellence in the durability and the security that the Netgear engineers put in. This is not just a matter of market value, but it also about market standard that this company has created. Netgear Router N300 was recently released to the public. This certain router contains tons of features that don’t only help the average customer, but also help out the professional ones. The router N300 was specifically created to suit the needs of young entrepreneurs that want heavy load capability by day, and light load capability by night. This router N300 also packs a serious punch in the design department as it has been the most loved router in the industry, thanks to Netgear design department for that. However, everyone needs help at least once in their lifetime. For this exact reason, we would be explaining on how to setup the Netgear router N300 in this post! Let’s begin.

netgear router setup
netgear router setup
  • First and foremost, attach the power adapter to the router, and plug it in to the wall socket.
  • Next, pick up the Ethernet wire and attach it to the router. Then, pick up the other end of the Ethernet wire and attach it to your ISP’s given modem and let it do its thing.
  • After, doing this, turn on your personal computer and then wait for it to load up.
  • When the desktop finally boots up, search for the Web Browser.
  • When you find the icon, click on it and let it open. It might take a few seconds depending on your computer speed.
  • After it opens up, click on the URL bar and input the link – (This website helps you open up the router settings and change them if you desire.
  • The website will ask you to run a quick setup. Click Next to proceed forward.
  • On next step, the Netgear router N300 will detect the type of network and will ask you to apply the settings automatically.
  • Click Apply to apply the settings automatically and let it do its thing.
  • After some time when the settings have been applied automatically, it will then proceed to the next page.
  • Finally, the Netgear Router N300 will ask for the Wi-Fi name (Wireless name); here you have to enter whatever you wish the Wi-Fi name to be.
  • Next step is to click Next button and move forward.
  • The Quick Setup Wizard will now ask you whether to set a password for the network or not. Select the option that lets you set the password.
  • Now, the Netgear Router N300 Quick Setup will ask you to input the desired password that you want to set.
  • Enter the password and click Next.
  • Finally, a Finish screen will appear. Wait for the router to finish the settings.
  • After this step has been completed, restart the whole computer and the router.

This certain method has been used countless times and this explains why people buy Netgear Router N300 the most. However, if you want to reset the Netgear N300 router, worry no more, just look at the above guide and get started. This guide has been made specifically for people who find all these tech things a bit out of the world. The guide to reset this particular router has been crafted with ease so that everyone can follow it. Let us not waste any more time and get into resetting the Netgear N300 router!

  • Firstly, bring the cables together and attach the adapter wire to the wall socket, while attaching the other end to the Netgear N300 router.
  • After this, attach the Ethernet wire to the router and the modem provided by the ISP Company.
  • When the wires have all been attached, turn on the router by giving the power a go by pressing the power button.
  • When everything is set up, power on the computer and open the Web Browser application. Google Chrome is the most preferred one since it works with most of the websites.
  • After opening the Web Browser, open the link –
  • Next, you will be asked for the login credentials. Fill in the ones that you entered at the beginning of the N300 router setup. (Username: admin, Password: admin)
  • After logging in, navigate to the menu item Maintenance.
  • When you get across this item, look for a submenu item named Backup Settings.
  • After opening that particular submenu item, you’ll come across an option to reset the router.
  • Click on the reset button and you’ll be forwarded to the next page.

It will take some time to reset the router. Let it do the work and sit back for at least 5-10 minutes. After this, your router will be reset to its default value. Make sure to secure the router with a stronger password this time. This is all you have to do to reset the Netgear N300 router.

How to Setup Linksys Router without CD?

Setup CD is extremely useful in order to set up your Linksys switch yet regardless you have not got the CD of your Linksys switch, you can in any case easily perform installation and configuration of your router. Here, we provide you guide to configure your router without utilizing CD here is a decent case of setting up the Linksys switch without utilizing CD.

You get a CD with the Linksys switches each time you buy a Linksys switch from the market. You would like to setup the Linksys switches utilizing this CD. Regardless you lost that CD; here we are giving the means you have to take after. Above all else, you should download the required programming for the Linksys switch you are utilizing. You can discover the product for the Linksys switch from the official sites of the Linksys switches.

How to Setup Linksys Router without CD?

How to Setup Linksys Router
How to Setup Linksys Router
  • Tap on the “Download” areas.
  • Tap on the “Download Software”.
  • Here you should enter the equipment rendition of the switch you are utilizing.
  • At that point find the product for the model number you have entered here.
  • Spare the setup programming for your Linksys switch at the coveted area.
  • In the wake of downloading the record, basically, tap on the Linksys Setup Connect document alternative.
  • Essentially tick stamp for the alternative regrinding the permit.
  • Tap on the Next alternative.
  • The procedure will naturally create the Router Name and the Password.
  • Tap on the Next alternative.
  • A screen will show up which will require the record name and the secret key for the DSL.
  • Basically, tap on the Next choice for the screen you will see.
  1. Introduction to configuring a Wi-Fi router

In this tutorial you will learn how to transform a wired internet connection in a Wi-Fi connection (that is to say wireless) using a Wi-Fi router. Our example is based on a Linksys router, but the procedure remains the same with other hardware, only the installation and configuration of the router varies.

To do this we will follow step by step three major steps:

  • the installation and configuration of the router

  • the installation of a Wi-Fi adapter on the PC
  • the configuration of the wireless connection in Windows XP
  1. explanations
  • Serious things will start. But do not panic nothing complicated. As it is asked disconnect from your computer the part of the Ethernet cable (or USB) which connects it to the modem then click Next
  • Connect the cable you just disconnected to the internet port of the router shown on the sketch and click on next
  • Connect the Ethernet cable supplied with the modem to the Ethernet port of your PC and click on Next
  • Connect the other end of the cable to one of the ports numbered 1-4 on the router. Do not be surprised at this connection because it is only temporary: your router is a wireless router. Simply installation and configuration must be wired, that is to say while the router is connected to the PC by a cable. This will be removed later. Click Next as soon as you are ready:
  • Then connect the power supply of the router and click Next
  • Check that the LEDs on the router are on. There should be no problem at this point but if necessary click Check instructions. If all well click on Next
  • The wizard then analyzes your computer to check the settings. Your firewall should normally display an alert message because the program is attempting to connect to the internet. He, of course, accept this connection
  • You are then asked for a password. The window already contains a default password that is the admin. We strongly advise you to replace it with a personal password that you will note immediately to remember. This password will be required when you want to configure your router. Enter a password and click on Enter
  • At the end of the PC scan, he is asked to confirm your connection type. The choice proposed in my case is correct so I do not touch anything. Only change the option if you are certain of what you are doing. If your connection is static IP type provides information given by your ISP to complete the fields of the window. Then click Next
  • Then you must enter the password again. Complete both fields and click Next

Starts the automatic configuration of the router:

How to Setup Linksys Router linksys smart wi-fi
How to Setup Linksys Router linksys smart wi-fi
  • In the next step you are proposed to use the SecureEasySetup technology developed by Linksys. Just be aware that to be used, this technology requires that your Wi-Fi adapter to be connected (later) to your PC must be compatible (this information is on the hardware package). Personally, we do not use it. If you want to do otherwise click Use SecureEasySetup, otherwise click Ignore
  • You must then define the SSID and the channel used. The SSID is the name of your wireless network. Remember the name you assign because it will be used to set up your wireless connection when you disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  • Choose one of the suggested channels and click Next :
  • On the next screen you need to specify the desired protection scheme for your network. By default the Disable option is selected. Unless you want the entire neighborhood to connect to the internet through your router we do not recommend leaving this option.
  • Before choosing a protection system checks that your Wi-Fi adapter (internal card or USB dongle) are compatible with the standard. If possible, choose the WPA standard rather than WEP. Then enter an encryption key. Especially note it precisely because you will have to provide it when configuring the wireless network in Windows. The longer your key is, the harder it will be to decipher by any malicious individual. When you are ready click Next:
  • In the next window you have to validate the parameters you have entered. Since we’ve already done a configuration of our router it may be that this window is slightly different at home. You can print the information by clicking Print Settings or save it to a text file (with the .txt extension) by clicking Save Settings.
  • Click “Yes” to continue.