How to reset my Linksys WRT1900ACS smart WiFi Router username and password?

Unfortunately, the username of the Linksys router login page cannot be recreated as the user has the only option to type “admin” as the username in the login window. Every time the user visits the window of the Linksys router login page, he has to type the default username of the router. The password of the router can be changed, it basically depends upon the user that he wants to change the password or not. After the Linksys router setup, the user can substantially change the password credential to enhance the security of the web interface of the

While performing the Linksys router setup, the user has to type “admin” as the default password but after that, the user is allowed to reset the password of Linksys WRT 1900 AC router. Steps to reset the password of the Linksys WRT 1900 AC 

• Open up the browser on your desktop or laptop connected to the Wifi network
• Type or as the URL of the browser.
• Linksys router login page appears on the screen.
• Enter “admin” as the username and if you haven’t set the password yet then type “admin” as the default password.
• Locate Administration tab on the right top corner of the screen. Click on the administration tab.
• Select the Management tab.
• Click on the password tab and fill the old password once and new password twice.
• Click on Apply button to save the changes you have made.

Here are the reasons which make it somehow necessary for the users to change the password of Linksys router

• To prevent the unauthorized access of the anonymous user into the web interface of the
• To keep your children away from enabling or disabling Parental control, guest access or any other feature within the router. It will avoid them from accessing any illegal or adult website within the router.
• To avoid bugs or miscellaneous threats from damaging the interface of the device.
• To preserve your Network settings or administrative mechanisms from others to maintain the performance of the device.