How to Install TP-Link wireless router?

Connecting the router

Before you start setting up a Wi-Fi router TP-Link, the equipment must be properly connected to your computer. This process is quite simple. In order to connect the router TP-Link, you need to connect your Internet cable to the LAN port (blue), and the wire that comes with the router at one end connects to any port numbered (orange), and the other to your computer.

Configuring Internet connection settings

As a matter of course, the TP-Link router is arranged, the Internet ought to procure naturally. In the event that this does not occur, in the web interface of the switch at the base, select “System”, at that point “WAN”. Watch that every one of the fields of the opened window concur

  • To save the settings, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  • Configure your home network settings
  • In the primary setup menu, select “System”, at that point “Neighborhood arrange”.
  • All fields must be filled, as in the photo underneath:
  • To spare the settings, tap the Save catch at the base of the page.
  • Select “DHCP”, at that point “DHCP Setup”. Check that the DHCP server is empowered:
  • To spare the settings, tap the Save button at the base of the page.

Configuring the Router


TP-Link wifi router setup
TP-Link wifi router setup
  • The configuration process is somewhat more complicated, although it does not require any special skills from the user. Before its beginning, it is necessary to clarify a couple of nuances.
  • In the event that you have already connected to the Network with any high-speed connection, you need to disconnect from it. You do not have to connect to the Internet in manual mode since this function will be taken by the router itself. Its task is to connect to the network and distribute it via a wireless protocol.
  • If you did not have a connection to the Network, they used it using a local network or an ADSL modem, then this procedure is not required.
  • After defining this, open your browser and go to or The screen should show two fields, in which you will have to enter your login and password. By default, they are assigned as admin and admin. This information is also indicated on the back of the router.
  • If you entered the correct name and password, you will be taken to the main router configuration page. It is here that all actions are performed.

IPTV Port Setup

These settings must be done in case you have connected QWERTY.TV service and set the STB AmiNET decoder / QWERTY Media Center.

  • Select “Network”, then “IPTV”. IGMP Proxy should be enabled, and in mode, you need to put “Bridge”.
  • Next, you need to select the LAN port into which the TV set-top box (decoder) will be switched.
  • The figure below shows the correct setting, provided that the set-top box is included in the fourth port of the router.
  • Now save the setting

Organization of connection security

After setting up a TP-link router, it is also important to ensure the security of your connection. Initially, your Wi-Fi connection does not have a password and any device can connect to it. In some cases, this is acceptable, but the password that restricts access is more often set.

To do this, you need to go to the “Wireless connection” menu (all on the same page at or Here you can set the name of your connection. This is necessary so that you can easily determine your channel and, if necessary, connect to it. In the title, you cannot use the Cyrillic alphabet, only Latin letters, and numbers of any register.

In order to directly protect your channel and set a password, go to the “Wireless Security Protection” menu. After selecting the WPA Personal option, enter the desired set of letters and numbers (at least 8 characters) in the Password PSK field. Be careful with the register, as it is considered when connecting. This ends the process of security organization: your Wi-Fi channel will be protected by the password set by you and will be available only to those approved by you.

tp link smart wireless router
tp link smart wireless router

If in addition to the Internet you are interested in setting up IP-TV, then the same page on setting up the router will help you. This is done quite simply. Go to the menu “Network – IPTV”. And in the “IPTV Port” field, select the port to which the television is connected. Thus, the installation and configuration of the WI-FI router TP-Link using this manual is a fairly simple procedure that provides you with wireless Internet and IP-TV.

How to change TP-Link router Wi-Fi password?

Actually, there are two passwords on Wi-Fi routers. One is responsible for access to the control panel and network settings. The other is used for authentication on the network: it is used to connect a computer (phone, tablet, etc.) to a Wi-Fi network. The article describes how to change both TP Link router passwords.

Change TP-Link router Wi-Fi password

They can be used only by those who are already connected to your home / office grid. Such people can, theoretically, climb into the Control Panel and change some settings. Usually it’s not necessary for anyone, even in the case of a secret malice on the owner of Wi-Fi. To fix the actions of an attacker is not difficult: just reset all the settings to the factory settings, and reconfigure the modem.

But, rather, reset the parameters of the router manually at a time when you need to reconfigure something, and your own customized login and password are already successfully forgotten, and it is not possible to recall them. Instructions on how to change the password on the TP Link router, read below: there are only 3 steps.

Change password “admin” to a more suitable one

Any modem has settings – for connecting to the Internet, for distributing Wi-Fi, for managing torrents and security. Its parameters are configured in its Control Panel via the browser.

To enter the Control Panel, you must first connect to a working network, then – enter the IP address in the browser: The login to the Control Panel is protected by a pair of login / password. Typically, the default login is admin; the password is exactly the same: admin. To find out how to find out this information on the TP Lin router, just look at the label on the bottom of the case – it prints all the data for authorization.

Tplpink router login screen
Tplpink router login screen

Step-by-step instructions for changing the password “admin” on TP-Link routers:

  • The Username field is used to change the login. It is hardly necessary to touch it. Old Password – the field for entering the old password to be changed.
  • New Password – a place to enter a new one.
  • Confirms Password – in this field, enter the new password again, to avoid spelling errors.
  • The Save / Apply button is used to save the changes. If you do not click on it, when you switch to another tab you can delete all the innovations.
  • Done!
TP-Link Wireless Menu
TP-Link Wireless Menu

Once again we urge – if you forget the password, and then there are no instructions for TP Link on how to restore everything. But you can reset to factory default. In this case, all other settings will also be changed to the default settings: the connection to the Internet and distribution of Wi-Fi will have to be adjusted in a new way.

How to reset the modem settings and password to factory settings

  • This instruction is needed in order to reset the settings.
  • Physically disconnect the TP router from the mains.
  • Find in the body hole diameter with a pencil lead.
  • Pushing a needle, pin or similar thin object into this hole, press the button hidden inside the case: pressing is sure to be felt.
  • Re-connect the router: all settings will be cleared.
  • Done!
TP-LINK Wireless Security - Password
TP-LINK Wireless Security – Password

Step-by-step instructions: how to change the password from Wi-Fi

In order to change the password to a more secure one in the TP Link router, use these 6 steps.

  • Login to the Control Panel as above: in the browser address bar, enter the login and password from the TP-Link router.
  • The Wireless – Security tab.
  • In the Network Authentication field, select the appropriate authentication method. In general, the best option will be WPA2 (or its types – WPA2-Personal, WPA-Private). Other authentication methods are unreliable. Open mode means open access to the network without a password.
  • In the Wireless Network Key field, enter a new password. It will be used to authorize tablets, computers and other devices on the network.
  • Apply / Save button to save updates.
  • After the change, to connect each device in the network you need to enter on it just the new password from the network. Before entering it, the Internet will be unavailable.
Wirless Network Name
Wirless Network Name

Recommendation for your Password setting

Change the password from Wi-Fi should always be, first of all, when installing the router. The harder your password is the better. Only Latin letters, numbers and symbols such as a comma, an apostrophe, and so on are allowed. Spaces and Cyrillic characters are not allowed. If the changed password is forgotten, simply reset all router settings to the factory defaults.