How to change Netgear router Wi-Fi password?

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How to change Netgear router Wi-Fi password?

Changing the password of the router may be necessary to protect the wireless network from unauthorized access by third-party users, because the Wi-Fi signal extends to tens of meters and penetrates through concrete and other materials. Third-party clients load the Internet, download files, change the settings of the router, or they can harm your computer. Therefore, you need to know how to change the password on the Wi-Fi router and how to choose it correctly.

First step

To change the Wi-Fi password of your home network, go to the settings of the router. Type in your browser’s address bar (another common option is The address on which you can access the administration panel of the router is indicated on the bottom of its case. In addition, here written data for authorization (in most cases it is a combination of admin / admin or admin / 1234).

Choose a combination

  • The importance of choosing a strong password is the first task that you must solve. To maximally secure your Wi-Fi network from hacking, use a combination of at least 8 characters. These are numbers, letters of different registers, special symbols.
  • Do not use conventional sequences of numbers or letters (1234567890 or qwerty), birth dates or names / surnames. The combination must be such that it cannot be guessed.
  • If you cannot come up with a reliable combination on your own, use special generator programs. After that, write down the new sequence in the notebook, which you will not lose.
  • Change the Wi-Fi password on the router.
  • After entering the settings of the router, proceed to changing the password. Consider the most common models for brands.

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How you how to change the password for the Netgear router settings?

By default, the login is admin, and the password is password. Here’s we have explained how to change the default password: password to your Wi-Fi in our article. In order to enter the settings of your router, go to or or Next, you need to enter a user name (default admin) and password (default password or admin), if you do not know your password or username, then look at the box of your router or in the manual.

After entering the settings of the router we go to the tab a new password on the justify in the menu. On NetGear routers, they are in the Service> New Password field.

Here you can change the password for the settings of the router. Enter the current password from the router settings in the line “old password”, and in the line “new password” enters your new password, which you want to use to enter the settings of the router.

Change password for Wi-Fi: a detailed description of each phase

  • It is not difficult to change the password from Wi-Fi, for this you do not need to have special knowledge and experience. The user online must only follow a certain algorithm of actions.
  • The reverse side of the transmitter is equipped with three ports:
  • yellow “LAN”, provides operation of equipment connected via cable;
  • Blue “Internet” is used to connect a common wire (usually from an entrance), previously connected to the network card of one of the devices (PC or laptop).
  • To the “LAN” is connected the wire that comes with the router. The common wire is connected to the Internet department.
  • After connecting, you should open one of the programs to view the pages.
  • The address is written in the address bar (not in the search string), which appears after the simultaneous pressing of “ctrl” and “L”. Go to page without connecting to the Internet. To do this, just connect the PC or laptop to the device using a cable.
  • In the menu that opens after navigating to the specified address, you will see the necessary information about the connection status, where there is also the item “change settings”, which you should use when changing credentials.
  • You can change the key by pressing and holding the reset button located on the back of the device. This action forces the router to generate a new 26-character key. The network name changes in the same way: resetting the settings and holding down the “reset” key causes the device to make a name in Wi-Fi format
  • And click “apply” .

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