How to setup Netgear ac1900 nighthawk?

NETGEAR releases the flagship model of the wireless home router Netgear ac1900 and calls it NIGHTHAWK, a night hawk. The model of the wireless home router Netgear ac1900 nighthawk is made in a somewhat atypical for this kind of devices the case. The bottom part is completely black, whereas the color of the top (by analogy with cars) can be called a dark gray metallic. The geometric dimensions of the case without taking into account the antennas are 285x185x50 mm. For its operation, the Netgear ac1900 nighthawk requires an external power source with the different characteristics.

The hardware platform of the wireless router Netgear ac1900 nighthawk is represented by one textolite board of the color of the sea wave. Unfortunately, all the main elements are hidden under the protective screens. Also, perhaps, it is worth noting the presence of a large metal plate inside the housing, which functions as a radiator for a passive cooling system.

Firmware Upgrade

To change the firmware version, use the “Update router” item in the “Administration” group of the “ADDITIONAL ADJUST” tab of the device’s web interface. Updates can be made in manual or semi-automatic modes. For the latter to work, you need to connect the Netgear ac1900 nighthawk to the global network.

When manually updated, the user will need to download the archive with the new firmware version from the manufacturer’s website, then click the “Browse” button and select the downloaded file. The whole process of updating takes about two minutes (without taking into account the time it takes to download a new version of firmware from the Internet).

Set Up Netgear ac1900 nighthawk

Are you a gamer? Then this is the best choice for you! Designed for gaming, mobile devices, and streaming this advanced Wi-Fi router features fast dual-core processor and also offers ultra-fast connectivity. This allows you to benefit from fewer delays and caching. Together with integrated powerful amplifiers and antennas you are now well equipped for extremely fast connections!

How to setup Netgear ac1900 nighthawk
How to setup Netgear ac1900 nighthawk

Nighthawk is the optimal solution even when you are away from home. It has some advanced features like access to the Netgear genie, OpenVPN, Ready CLOUD, and an app called Kwilt that help you to maintain your entire network, and give you accessibility to the secure, personal cloud, as well as remotely access your home network, and you can also share images stored in memory from anywhere. NEW: Circle with Disney – intelligent parental control.

To set up a Wireless Netgear router:

  • Connect a modem to the web port of Netgear router and your computer to any of those 4 LAN ports.
  • Switch on your system, router, and interface modem, once in a while yet again. Wait until the whole process is completed.
  • Open a browser and checkout the router’s IP address that can be either or and press the button” Enter”.
  • Now, you will be able to sign into the router admin page
  • The username for you is “admin” and the default mystery word is “password”.
  • The password and username should be case-sensitive.
  • On the remote possibility that the default password and username isn’t working for you, then you need to reset the secret key. If it’s all the same to you endeavor distinctive passwords that you might have changed. Something different, a preparing reset is relied upon to restore the change to defaults settings. To perform a reset, check backing up a Netgear home change to the settings.
  • Now press “Setup Wizard”.
  • You will see a “Setup Wizard” screen.
  • Choose “Yes” and press “Next”.
  • The Wizard recognizes the kind of web affiliation. For advanced web affiliations, it will distinguish Dynamic IP.
  • Snap Next. The switch saves the settings.
  • To check if you are related with the web, choose Status of the router under Maintenance.
  • Take a gander at the IP Address field to check whether you have a right IP address
Setup Netegar Router
Setup Netegar Router

The test results show that Netgear router demonstrates good performance in all scenarios: the NAT routing speed, as well as using PPTP, occurs at the maximum connection speed of the WAN port. The practical performance of Wi-Fi is also quite good – up to 94 megabits at reception, up to 88 on the transfer. Working with a wireless client in the weak signal zone is satisfactory.

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