How To Solve Netgear Router Speed Issue

Netgear Speed Issue solve

Technology these days is all about providing the best and the fastest user experience and it has come a very long way over the last few years. The overall reliability has improved tenfold and the speed has been increased so much that the user can do almost anything in the blink of an eye. Netgear comes really close to providing the fastest speeds and an overall friendly user experience. But there are some users who have faced some speed issues with the router and it can be a real pain not knowing what could be causing the speed issues. The users should be able to get the speeds they were promised. There might be a few causes that could possibly cause the overall speeds to drop down. And it’s almost impossible to get the promised speeds over the wireless internet. But the wired connection should be able to provide the user with the full speed. The businesses might suffer more as they require high speed internet all the time for various purposes such as data transfers, online calling and more. There might be a few causes that could cause the speeds to drop such as the router’s firmware might be out of date, or the user hasn’t configured the router properly, or the user is just surfing on the 2.4 GHz band without knowing.  

Netgear Speed Issue
Netgear Speed Issue

One of the most common cause of the Wi-Fi speed slowing down is the user being too far away from the router. The further the user from the router, the slower and less reliable network becomes. Netgear Extenders solve this problem but only partly. As the user cannot have unlimited wireless access, the wireless will still become slower the further the user moves away from the Extender.  The only way to fix this issue is for the user to move closer to the router. But everybody knows how painful that is because people buy expensive routers so that they don’t have to leave their comfort zone. Alternatively, the user can place the router at a higher position than any other electronic devices so that no other devices can interfere with the router and also the user can place it in a central zone that covers the desired area equally.

Another cause could be that the user has not updated the firmware of their router from some time. The router’s firmware might bring new features to the router as well as overall speed boosts. So, if the user hasn’t updated the firmware, then there is a chance that the user is missing out on the speeds boosts and other features.  The only way to fix this issue is to login to the netgear router and upgrade the firmware using the Smart Wizard interface. After updating the firmware, the user might experience enhanced speeds. One of the most common problems causing the speed to fall down is the lack of bandwidth. If there are numerous devices connected to the router and many of the connected devices are using high speed internet applications, then there is a chance that the user might face some speed issues or experience a major fall in overall speed of their network.

routerlogin net setup
routerlogin net setup

The user can try disconnecting any devices that the user isn’t using at the moment to free up some bandwidth, or the user can even try connecting some devices directly to the router using ethernet cable to free up some of the wireless bandwidth. Another one of the most common issues is interference from other networks or in crowded places. The default wireless frequency channels can become very crowded because many of the users never bother to change the default settings of the router. The only way to fix this issue is to select the least crowded wireless frequency manually. Fortunately, the newer router models have this feature that automatically selects the least crowded wireless frequency so that the user can experience fast speed over their internet.

If the user thinks that the problem of the speed issue lies within their router, then it is advised to buy a newer, latest router that can promise much more speed than their older router. Netgear Nighthawk series routers are designed to be ahead of their time and promise an array of advanced features as well as unbelievable speeds. Upgrading your older router for a new one every three to four years is good practice as it will help you avoid the speed issue or other issues as well.

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