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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi is basically a technical application support for the users to connect to the Linksys wireless network of their routers. The Linksys smart WIFI grants its user the access to the router through a cell phone or a PC. Linksys Smart WiFi can be setup by logging to the configuration page of the Linksys wireless router.

Set up the Linksys Smart WiFi

The configuration of the Linksys smart Wi-Fi is done through the administrator page of the Linksys wireless router. The home configuration window of the router lets the user to setup the Linksys smart WiFi. The smart Wi-Fi can be accesses and modified through the mobile phone. Some mobile phone Wi-Fi supporting applications can also be accessed through Linksys smart WiFi.

linksys router login

linksys router login

Linksys smart WiFi Pros

The users of the Linksys smart Wi-Fi have some advantages over other Wi-Fi routers.

The users can setup some parental controls for their children and control the list of some unwanted and destructive websites for their children.

The users can also access the Linksys smart Wi-Fi remotely from anywhere and anytime.

The Linksys smart WiFi not working.

The nonfunctioning of the Linksys smart Wi-Fi can be due to several reasons.

The wireless router has some WLAN connection errors. To overcome that issue, the user may have to reset the whole router to get its Linksys smart WiFi working again.

Resetting the Linksys smart WiFi

Following steps should be considered

  • Take up the wireless router and check the lights on the front panel for the power supply.
  • If the power supply is running correctly, then for any errors to be rectified in the Linksys smart Wi-Fi, the user needs to reset the Linksys router.
  • Switch the power supply “OFF” and “ON”.
  • Now, hard reset the router by pressing the reset button for 15 seconds.
  • Try to connect the Linksys smart Wi-Fi again.

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