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Netgear genie for windows 10

With the Windows software “Netgear Genie” you manage your entire Wi-Fi network and can control any printer via AirPrint from iPhone & Co. The router manufacturer Netgear not only has hardware on offer but offers both customers and non-customers a comprehensive software package for managing the home network and all devices involved in it.

Netgear Genie: test routers and check network

With the “Netgear Genie” you can, for example, put your internet connection through its paces and set up your Wi-Fi network. The “Network overview” gives you an overview of all the devices integrated in the network and can directly control them or change settings. Thanks to the “Parental Control”, parents can lock various websites comfortably. The “network support” feature is also sophisticated, allowing you to look up basic things or download troubleshooting software at any time. “Netgear Genius” is Apple’s “AirPrint Technology”. That means with just a few clicks you can make your printer compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The free software NETGEAR genie for Window 10 helps you to optimize your home network and troubleshoot configuration problems. Owners of a supported Netgear router can also access their settings directly and set up parental controls. If you have a suitable router from the manufacturer, you can use the software in your router to log in and access its settings. Parental Controls help to ensure that your little ones do not visit unsuitable websites. The ReadyShare feature accesses data stores connected to the router via a USB port. However, this feature is not available on all devices.

netgear gine setup
netgear gine setup

In the network overview, NETGEAR genie displays all devices detected in the home network along with additional information such as name, type, IP or MAC address. Use the media server to share previously shared directories with videos, audio files, and pictures.

Print via AirPrint

Using “Air Print”, any printer can be used via Apple’s AirPrint from an iPad or iPhone. However, iTunes and Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed for this. The Network Support section provides a number of other Internet connection quality checking tools, including a ping test and a DNS lookup.

In addition to the Windows version provided here, NETGEAR genius on the manufacturer side is also available for Mac, Android, and iOS. There you will also find a comprehensive user manual that explains the functions of the software in more detail.

Netgear genius

The Netgear Genie for Windows software is made available at the initial setup via the web interface, but can also be downloaded directly from the associated Netgear website.

Initial setup

If the software is started for the first time, the Windows Firewall will be activated immediately.

Genius – Home

Immediately afterward, the start page is displayed. If the router has already been set up via the web interface, the router access data must first be adapted. By clicking on “Router Settings” this can be done.

Genius – Internet

  • Via the menu item “Internet” the current Internet connection status is displayed. Became at the internet initial setup When done correctly, this is indicated by two green check marks in the upper area. In addition to the connection status, the Internet speed can be determined directly below.
  • For this purpose, Netgear uses its own website as a remote site, but also offers a test on the website “”. Netgear accepts no liability for their offer. Just below the speed test is a very useful feature.
  • A self-updating chart shows the current upload and downloads speeds. At the same place can also be set a threshold for traffic by sliders between one and twenty megabits. Very handy, if sometimes bandwidth should be saved. If you want to know exactly which program is causing traffic,

Genius – Wi-Fi connection

This menu item only displays something if your own Windows PC has a WLAN module. So here it is not the wireless connection of the router, but managed the own computer. Clicking on guest access forwards you directly to the next menu item, i.e. to the “router settings”.

Netgear Genie for Window 10 – Network Overview

The network overview represents the simplified view of the device listing available via the web interface. All connected devices and the connection type are displayed. Enabling access control increases security significantly as it requires all new devices to be manually approved before they can access the network. If device notification is enabled, there will be an automatic message on the screen when devices log in.

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